Linda Ronstadt's Version of Mental Revenge

Linda Ronstadt's Version of Mental Revenge

July 15, 2020 - the unique stylist Linda Ronstadt, born this day in 1946, found a classic Mel Tillis penned song, Mental Revenge, to wrap her vocal chords around and make it all her own.  Popconorg called her 1970 album SILK PURSE, a remarkably traditional album.  So in some sense, you could say she found a traditional country - love gone wrong - ballad to spice up in her own way.  Popconorg goes on to say about the lyrics of Mental Revenge in a recent instagram post, "the original is a very funny, cruel list of ways a narrator wants a lover to be destroyed after a relationship is over."  

Not to overlook another female version of this great song - daughter Pam covered it as well on her tribute album to It's All Relative, Tillis sings Tillis.   

The latest version was covered by the Malpass Brothers in 2011.Whichever version you prefer, and there are many others....Mental Revenge highlights the talent of Mel Tillis, the songwriter. 

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