Remembering Mel Today...One Year Passed, Pam Shares....

Remembering Mel Today...One Year Passed, Pam Shares....

Today, November 19, 2018 marks a year since our Dad passed. 6 children, 6 grandchildren, one grandbaby. One living sister and many, many cousins, One former partner, and ex-wife and various old loves…….. band mates, the road family... including many admiring former Statesiders, so very many friends, life long friends and revelers, countless fans, deeply appreciative fans all feel the sting today and remember him in their own, deeply personal way………

There are fishing stories, nd other tall tales, some true, some embellished over the years, but all hilarious. A trail of jukebox classics, bar bands still playing Heart Over Mind, and I Ain’t Never, a million miles of concerts that people are still talking about, autographs signed, kisses for old ladies, kindnesses shown. Awards and accolades………there is all that. There is also a bus that sits not running, a guitar that goes un-played, his voice not singing here and a good yarn being spun that is not in this world anymore and yet some part of him lives with us………..

We feel his presence on the farm, on the dock, in the kitchen……I feel it out on the road, in the many venues we toured together...and others feel his presence too with them, in their own way.

For his children....I know Sonny and Carrie feel it when they sing the old songs. Sonny’s delivery eerily conjuring him up with his passed down mannerism’s, carrying on singing his music. Hannah looks at old photos and gifts and a sweet tatoo and remembers. Cindy lovingly repaints his room a bright blue, hangs his pictures and admires the view he also admired....a hundred geese on a Tennessee farm, and another big fish jumping in the distance. Connie cries and looks at the grandbaby that carries some wonderful spark of that keen intelligence that was behind the comic. He would be so proud..."awe, bless his heart", Daddy would surely say.

How the others process it, I do not know, but I know we all marvel that it all happened maybe with some of the same awe that he expressed so many times, that he was so blessed and was destined for the path he traveled. He was not perfect. He was not one dimensional. As complicated and self-contradictory as anyone. But, his good traits far outweighed the bad. Sometimes the best gift was just time spent sitting, talking, laughing and remembering and so today Dad in honor of you ... We remember. We miss you, and love carries us through. - Pam


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